Saturday, November 5, 2016

Crescent City 1964 Tsunami photos

I was looking at some Facebook groups recently and i added a group called " If you grew up in Crescent City you remember..." and it had some 1964 Tsunami photos that i hadnt seen before. They were posted by a Mr Jim Cowley from Keizer, Oregon, and were taken by his father Dallas Cowley. I copied the comments as there are some good observations.

Here is another post by Jim. This one shows some heavy Damage to a building.

There were also some photos posted by Kim Linker. At least one of these appears to be taken in Alaska, the one in the bottom left of the panel. After a google image search these photos are known and appear to have been widely published. The comments are interesting though.

Here are the full resolution photos along with a couple others I had on my computer: