Monday, January 16, 2017

Habitat Forever uncovers Humboldt County marijuana permit loophole

Amy Gustin, founder of Habitat Forever discovers new flaw in Humboldt County's marijuana permitting process and shows us what Humboldt County's threatened forests look like. In this short video she explains how out of state growers are buying up parcels and applying for illegitimate permits in order to capitalize on Humboldt County's forests and lands.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Carrie Fisher remembrance celebration in Arcata California 1/13/2017

The town of Arcata California recently held a remembrance celebration for beloved Hollywood star Carrie Fisher. The town is known for it's spirited gatherings and Friday nights celebration was no exception. The event was slated to begin at 7pm but fans and revelers started to gather around 5pm around a cordoned off area.

The Humboldt State marching Lumberjacks marching band was front and center to the action and provided the music for the celebration. Many circus performers from the Humboldt Circus joined in and performed fire dancing and acrobatic stunts for the crowd to enjoy. The whole event would have made Carrie proud of our little coastal California town.