About Me! Jamie Schutmaat!

My name is Jamie Schutmaat and I'm a geologist and paleontological researcher here in Humboldt County California. I am currently working up in Redwood National Park doing various geo tech work as it becomes available. One of my hobbies is researching fossil deposits in the Franciscan complex in the coastal mountains of California. I find that a lot of the published work on Franciscan fossils is scant so i thought I'd start an informal blog to discuss recent papers and new fossil finds in the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous coastal California. I also write about various interesting stories that are related to geology or science in general. I also like to post weird stories and happenings as I think these are fun and interesting.

Here are a few photos of me doing things that I love:

Jamie Schutmaat salmon fishing in Alaska.
Jamie Schutmaat posing in front of the moon during Friens of the Pleistocene in Tecopa Vally
Me on a rockhounding trip to Wiley's Well
Jamie Schutmaat in Antarctica

Jamie Schutmaat in Antarctica, helicopter operations.

Jamie Schutmaat in Antarctica at Mt Erebus.

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